2017 New York Mets Pitching Staff Bust

By: Alexander C. Lawrence

Being a Met fan for over 7 years now, I’ve seen a lot of hope going into the following season, but none quite like 2017 though. Noah Syndergaard, Jacob DeGrom, Matt Harvey, Zach Wheeler (the return!), and Steven Matz. I bet most Met fans know by now the only New York Met starting pitcher worth rostering all season in fantasy leagues was (drum roll)….. JACOB DEGROM!

For most Met fans they are looking forward to next season and seeing what free agency brings them as the Mets were derailed by injuries all season long. Matt Harvey, may not be in the rotation in 2018, so that’s the first step in figuring out the Mets pitching staff. Trading for a starting pitcher doesn’t seem like a true option at this point. Signing a starter seems like the most viable option as Steven Matz, Noah Syndergaard, and Zach Wheeler had to battle injuries in 2017. For the Mets to come in with so many expectations for this pitching staff you’d think we were talking about the New England Patriots and once upon a time it did seem like the Mets had a very good pitching staff.

Zach Wheeler may be the only pitcher to stick around the rotation next season along with DeGrom and Syndergaard as Harvey may be gone, and Matz may be transitioned to a relief pitcher if he continues to show he is not capable of staying healthy during the course of a rigorous MLB season. Terry Collins, the current manager of the Mets has said they need to look into how to properly deal with these injuries and the approach and process need to change. 2018 will be about figuring out how to manage health.

One thing that the Mets could benefit from is finding a couple veteran guys who can eat innings as all their young pitchers risk injury and some may even have innings limits such as Syndergaard and Wheeler. The Mets had the depth, but no one can be prepared to lose five starters in one season when you go into opening day with everyone presumably healthy. Sure they won’t find a veteran such as Bartolo Colon who beat father time and contributed nicely to the Mets for two seasons.

With veterans such as Jason Vargas, Lance Lynn, and Alex Cobb will be there for the pickings and it’d be in the clubs best interest to do so. Along with getting a big bat, but that’s a story for another day.

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