Is Mitch Trubisky a One-Year Wonder?

By Alexander C. Lawrence 

NCAA Football Player Profile – Mitch Trubisky, Quarterback

School: North Carolina
Junior (redshirt)
Height: 6’3

Mitch Trubisky was phenomenal for UNC in his one full year as a starter. He has shown that he has what it takes to be successful in college despite his bowl loss to Stanford in which they failed to convert a game-tying 2pt conversion. If you really look at that game and the play of Trubisky down the stretch he showed the skills of being a good game manager when it mattered, but came up short. He’s been one of the breakout players in college football this year and some will argue he is the best QB in the country this season. Should he be the number one QB taken in the draft though?

One thing I love about Mitch Trubisky is his arm strength. He has a cannon for an arm. His does a great job of seeing his open receiver and placing the football in their hands. He knows how to extend plays and makes it look easy. His success will be determined based on how his head coach develops him. Whoever drafts Trubisky has to make it priority to get him a vertical weapon because that’s where Trubisky will shine. Down the road he could be the best signal caller in this draft if the team that drafts him really is patient and willing to work with him as they go. Looking at how he handles himself you see a natural calmness and he has a short memory after interceptions. His accuracy is just scary good at the college level and with that polished skill already obtained expect to see his accuracy get better.

With that being said let’s take a look at some areas of concern. Two major things to me are his fumbling issues and inability to perform when his team needs him most.


  • Quick delivery
  • Accuracy
  • Strong arm
  • Makes good reads and finds his open receivers
  • Has the size to be a successful QB
  • Has good field vision
  • Good pocket presence
  • Throws catchable passes


  • Inability to perform in the clutch
  • Only has one full season as a starter
  • Fumbling issues
  • Must learn an NFL-pro style offense
  • Weather conditions may affect game
  • Takes risky throws at times

Mitch Trubisky has the skill set to be successful, but every team considering drafting will be thinking “is he a one-hit wonder?” and that is what each team scouting him will have to look at. He didn’t struggle much aside from tough weather conditions and in the 4th quarter of a handful of games. I am personally worried about him being able to solve his fumbling issues and how he’ll do adjusting to NFL defenses. He won’t get away with high risk throws that don’t have much room for error. I’m not sure I would draft him if I were the Browns or Jets just because there isn’t enough film and stats don’t signify how good someone will be at the next level. If I were the 49ers or Bears though I’d draft him because both teams have good running backs who will back-up Trubisky and be there to catch those check-down passes that he loves so much. Not to mention that both are also in desperate need of a QB. He may very well be the first QB taken, but also carries high risk with him.

Draft projection: Top 5

Comparison: Donovan McNabb

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