Jonathan Isaac Number 1 Pick.

By Jack Drapkin

You know when you meet someone for the first time, and you come away thinking “wow” that person was actually pretty cool. Then, you hang out with them a few more times and each experience seems to get better with time. All of a sudden, you realize you’re best friends.

Well that’s Jonathan Isaac for me. Except instead of being my best friend, I’m glued to the television each and every time he plays. And you know what, he never disappoints. For this reason I think he’s got a great chance at being the number one selection come June. Every time I watch him play he seems to get better and better and better. For a player to standout on a team that consistently play twelve players a game is remarkable. For a player to not only standout, but move himself into the number one pick conversation is downright crazy.

Why is he so good? It starts with versatility. LeBron, Draymond, KD, Etc,.. their value is in their size and versatility and so is Isaac’s. He can do everything on a basketball court, pass, defend, score, shoot threes, block shots you name it. Defensively, he is always aware of ball and man, moves his feet extremely well and is a very good weak side shot blocker. He does it all with a ‘Spursian’ composure and wit to his game that make me question whether its fair he’s playing college ball.

Assisted by a major growth spurt that saw him rise from a 6’2″ Point Guard into the 6’10” wing we see wreaking havoc today. The benefits of playing so many years at the point guard spot are obvious to see, as he knows how to move off the ball very well and play within the offense.

In a league full of Point Guards and a Draft featuring a projected top three of exclusively point guards. It may be time for the NBA to return to its roots and the select the smooth near-seven footer with the first overall selection.

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