Jonathan Isaac Game Report: Notre Dame

By John Scott

So I have been watching the Talking Ball You Tube channel and decided to check out freshman Jonathan Isaac on FSU. While I follow college ball closely, It was Talking Ball that got me to see what the fuss was about. Honestly I thought they were off the mark on this one as FSU plays 13 players and half of them are very good, so how Isaac could stand out seemed hard to imagine. I mean I don’t even remember Sports Illustrated’s college preview highlighting him. But SI is often wrong. It was actually someone from Oregon.  The game starts off with Isaac making a few mistakes and I figure TB did not get this one right. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. While FSU plays 13 players and that means maybe Isaac gets 25 minutes his line was pure NBA. Career high 23 points, 10 bounds, SEVEN blocks. So he was three shy of a triple double the hard way. He is also 78% free throw shooter. and has no problem diving to the wood. Nice call TB.

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