Knicks 10 Game Report

By John Scott

The way you break down the NBA is by analysing trends every 10 games. It means there are 8 segments to see where teams are heading. The Knicks having just completed the first segment begs the question, Phil, what were you thinking? Hate to say told you so, but this team is not making the playoffs and if they do it is for one round and then it is over.

Phil please start assembling draft picks. The Knicks are 4-6. But 3 of the 4 wins were against under 500 teams. Tonight’s “impressive” win at home against the 2-6 Mavs without their best player is a desperation win. Had they lost they would have been 3-7 and New York fans would have been calling to fire Hornacek. I am sure there are those that will say it is just a matter of time until they learn to play together. But honestly does Melo start to play unselfishly? The only player Melo will pass to is Rose. But this is not the Rose that could once take on the LeBron led Miami by himself. He and Melo have moments of excitement on offense but it is in their contracts that they do not have to play D.

Let’s move on to Noah. This is as good as it gets cause he can only give us half a game when he is healthy. Poor Knick fans. 70 plus million for a part time player. Jennings and Lee are part of the New York Whinners that claim the game is rigged against the Knicks. Hmmm the last person that claimed that actually won. Not this group. Not going to happen. Please Melo demand a trade to Brooklyn and put up 30 a night and not make the playoffs for the Nets. The really sad part about the first segment of the season is I get to say I told you so.

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