Knicks Floundering out the Gate

By John Scott

Last night was an embarrassment for Knicks. Spoiled millionaires blaming their shortcomings on the refs. It wasn’t a two point game it was a 30 point blowout. And for the fans that are getting on the “it was the refs fault” bandwagon, I promise that strategy has never worked.

That said, despite an incredible amount of one on one play, you have to give it to the Knicks for at least making a strong effort. Still, another loss.

If this is the “super team” what was Phil thinking?  A final look at the Knick bench says it all. Complete and total disbelief.

Knicks 3-6, Cleveland yawns.  Boston and Toronto say “Knicks  who?” Even if they win the next game and are 4-6 over the first ten games, hard to say this team makes the playoffs.

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