Duke Moves on to Real Test with Kansas

By John Scott

Coach K played everyone last night. Maybe that was Coach J. Or Is it a whole new Coach K.  After two seasons of having so few players to get on the court, Coach K has a bench but  is he determined to learn how to use everyone? Last night yes; this evening no. Again way too early to tell what K is thinking as he needs to integrate the three super freshman and prepare for Kansas on Tuesday. Grand Canyon kept it competitive for most of first half and then Duke slipped it into another gear. Frank Jackson, the remaining super frosh, needs to show he can handle the point.That will keep G Allen at the two. Both can score. Synergy will be interesting especially when you throw in Kennard and Matty Jones. They are certainly hoping Jackson matures this way as there is not an obvious point guard.

Ten minute mark of first half Duke 20-19.  14 minute mark in second half Duke up by 27.  Game finishes with Duke winning by 35. Look for the bursts as Dukies can apply full court pressure and hit lots of three point shooters. Not certain yet how to look at this game. Not great start to this game. But just too much talent and Grand Canyon not enough horses. So early questions. One, who is the point guard in tough games? Two, Did K have to play Kennard and G Allen nearly the whole game? It took a long time to see the bench this evening and it seems he wastes opportunities to learn about other players who have talent. Three, where do the three injured fresh fit in? Good that we can watch real basketball. It is off to the Garden for Tuesday against Kansas. Not to mention Kentucky versus Mich St.

Duke 2-0

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