Short-Handed Duke Dismantles Marist

By John Scott

Well the real season started tonight.The Dukies…this year’s national champions had their typical easy season opener opponent as they won by about 50 (94-49). But they did it without three lottery picks – Giles, Bolden and Tatum – all injured. Yikes. How good are they?  With a team that has more haters than Trump, it is so much fun to watch them play at this level. Did we learn anything? Maybe, as it is hard to tell without the mighty three playing. So who was the leading scorer? The remaining freshman Frank Jackson with 18. Coach K played everyone, even Pags got in. Best thing of the night Chase Jeter’s points and rebounds. And looking comfortable doing it. Amile “Flex” Jefferson looks like he put on 20 lbs of muscle. This blogger is going to stop here. Tomorrow is another powder puff.  So let’s wait til Tuesday’s matchup against Kansas to see where we are starting from

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