Knicks Go Out With A Whimper

By John Scott

Ok…big game…this is it…a nice road win would be great. Remember this is going to be the time of our  lives. Phil promised. What happened?  All I can say is good thing this was not in front of the home fans. Complete embarrassment. I want my money back. No I want my time back that I wasted watching this fiasco. These guys owe me. Melo you should be ashamed of yourself. Okay foul was called. But you run after the ref to get your second T?  So not wanting to be outdone, Jennings gets tossed. And probably three or four other Ts.  Come on, even if the refs made bad calls, yelling at them always works…yeah right. If this was the preview (of the playoffs)…if the Knicks should finish seventh and the Celtics second…oh boy…..we lost by 28. What a bunch of whiners. My seventh grade gym team had more class. If we have to start by teaching behaviour for millionaires we have a problem. Phil Phil…what were you thinking. We are closing in on my 10 game assessment. Come on I know tomorrow night’s game is going to be hard – road versus Toronto.   I am lowering the bar…let’s just show some class win or lose.

Cleveland not worrying. 3-5 Knicks not in playoffs

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