Embiid, YES Please

By Jack Drapkin

In an era when players are so often told not to showcase their opinions Joel Embiid has been a breath of fresh air. (Seriously, if you are not following his Twitter or Instagram accounts, you must have been living under a rock). He is simply hilarious when given the opportunity to voice himself to the world.

Take for the example the time when a reporter asked him about where he learned his shooting form from. His take,’I learned by watching regular white guys’. Come on who else in the NBA is giving a take like this, he is unique, a character that brings a fun version of comedy to a team that has been the laughingstock of the league for so long.

But now, he is emerging on the court. With averages of 17.5 points, 6.8 rebounds, and 2.6 blocks in only 21 minutes a game, Embiid’s real talent is finally getting a chance to shine through. After two years of wondering how good he can be, we are now finally getting a glimpse of what a special talent this player could be. He has made Sixers games watchable,  must-see tv. For the time he is on the court, each play could be special.

He is 7’2″, SEVEN FOOT FREAKING TWO, and has the ability to put the ball on the floor and dribble around his defenders. His handles and three point shooting ability are uncanny for a man of his size. So what, if he has been struggling with turnovers and fouls, he’s only played in five NBA games so far. And that is what makes him such a special talent. If he is already doing this five games into his career, what is he going to be like in year five? Hears to hoping his body allows him to showcase how great a player Embiid can be.

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