Knicks Stumble in the Garden

By John Scott

Okay, maybe I have gotten off on the wrong foot.  Maybe it was the presidential election. Just too much negativity.  Confession. No youngster am I.  I had season tickets to the 69 and 73 championship Knicks. I was a kid  and it was magic.  Now I know the game is different today but do I have to be so angry that it has been 44 years since the Knicks have won a championship?  Hey just because New York was once the heart of the City Game. Clyde do you ever look back?  Wish you still had the Rolls and Mink Coat with the Pearl in your backcourt?

Hey it isn’t even close to the Cubs and 108 years. So having heard “Go Cubs Go” about 1000 times maybe it works.  The new official song of the Knicks is (“I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”. Set to different lyrics courtesy of me.  But if we haven’t won in 44 years we might as well go old school.  Hey it worked for the Yankees and Frank Sinatra.  So what if this not likely to be our year.  I always have Duke but that is coming soon to a blog near you.  Instead let’s find what’s good.  Wally Szerbiak had it right all along.  So what if his comments have nothing to do with the game we just watched.

So here we are Game six at home against the Jazz.   Hey maybe coach could suit up. It’s his old team. Now… now… I promised.  It is a big sports day here in NYC.  Marathon Sunday .  Jets and Giants at the same time – thanks networks and NFL.

So here we are in the first quarter and Rose and Anthony are doing everything they can to play one on one.  Wait I promised.   They are merely getting it out of their system so that they can begin racking up assists. Rose….10 last time against Chicago…Flashback…Could you imagine Bradley covered with tats.  Hey what if Jackson took off his shirt and we saw the Grateful Dead all over him or maybe that is Walton. Back to Reality. Eminem

The KP show continues.  And the reason the Knicks don’t pass to him? They are waiting…see Rose…back pass to KP another 3.  It was just a matter of time until we have the time of our lives.  Let’s face it , it is not until Melo can’t shoot, stops his dribble and is forced to pass.  It is like each shot is just a reminder to KP , Hey rookie (second year rookie) it is still my team.  Then bang bang and Melo is…well Melo.  Hey we ain’t winning any championships that way but it was fun watching Bernard put up 40 and it is fun…a little watching Melo do it.

Another one on one from Melo.  Hey it would be like telling Trump to be different.  Ain’t going to happen.  Nope Melo will shoot first…shoot second…and then shoot third!  End of first…Nice quarter if you look at the score.  Nothing negative.

“Now I’m having the time of my life
But I felt like this before
Yes I swear its 1969
And I owe it all to Phil”

Still up by 10 three minutes in. Go O’Quinn…go…go… O’Quinn go…got more blocks per minute then when I was a kid playing with…well you know blocks.  But first whiner of the game award goes to O’Quinn.  Just play…you are doing fine.

Go Rodney Hood Go…oops giving it away.

Nice shot Brandon H Jennings…H for “hey it wasn’t me”.

And its Dexter Fowler courtside.   Come on Knicks……you could be on Late Night…SNL…you could sit courtside(that may be hard)…the White House…a BIG Parade…doesn’t any of this do anything to motivate you?

Biggest improvement between 69 and now?  You can now see the court from my old seats  Used to be able to smoke in the Garden…so we had to look at the court through a cumulus.  Now you can see what is happening…hmm…maybe that isn’t so much better.  Now I promised…

Funny Jennings scores and he doesn’t whine. And KP has his third personal with five to go in the second. Not a good thing. When he comes back it takes a while for him to get back in gear. Take note…10 point lead. Doesn’t Gobert have a nice FT? Let’s not talk about his dunk on KP.

Lance Thomas picks up his third and is in disbelief. Melo continues his tear with a total of 7-9 FG. Knick player kicks the ball to the ref. Class. A little shaky and the lead goes down to 5. And walking out for half, Noah complains to the refs. Could we keep stats for whining?

Second half is on. We are home and should be able to get to .500. And Melo off and running.  Melo fouls and complains. Wow…Gordon Haywood back and looking like he’s taking…I mean doing…whatever JJ Redick did. Boy is he big

Gordon Hayward, Derrick RoseNo D.  Favors hits and cuts lead to 5. Melo actually passed? Noah so startled…ball goes off his hands. Melo just holds the ball and there is no movement. Another foul on Melo as he is slow on D, but fouls Hayward in three point range and he hits all three and guess what …it is tied. Shortly after they will have their first lead.

“Ball movement”, has the Knicks all going to their dictionaries. “Team D” is the next concept they are looking up.

Melo just tries to run over the Jazz team and he gets the call. Then he is wide open from three and misses. Lead going back and forth. Isn’t there a stat which measures points scored versus points given up? KP coming alive another three.

Has anyone ever tried to tell Melo since everyone knows you are going up, if he dishes, there should be wide open players. LeBron gets it. All of Golden State gets it.

KP on a roll. He is up to 20. Melo has 20. But very different. It took Melo three quarters to obtain his first assist of the game!  Thomas whines.  Just want to make certain you were paying attention.

Melo’s turn…fouls and complains…maybe it is part of the game…you know if you get called you must complain.

End of three…Knicks up a pair. Anyone’s game. Cavaliers do not seem concerned.

30 seconds into the fourth, we are tied. Okay…can I just say in keeping with my promise to be positive…the game is competitive. But Utah up 2…Utah hits a 3…now up 5.  Starting to slip.

At the start of the season while many were happy about the starting lineup the question was then what. The Knick bench. Hmmm…Heck Duke won a national championship with 8 players. So maybe. But this is the NBA they MUST find a bench.

Lead now 7. This game has been completely inverted. The whole game Jazz are chasing the Knicks. Now we need to see if we can come back. Lead goes to 8. Then quickly back to 3.

And just like that…five to go…and Knicks down 8 again.  Chants of ” Let’s Go Knicks” which started in…you guessed it…the 60s when Phil Action Jackson was part of the second team of the Knicks. It was fun to watch the second team come in. And the lead is now 9.  But the Knicks cut it to 5 with 39 seconds.

Knicks have to foul someone so they send Hayward to the line who is 12  for 12. Now 13 for 13 and now 14 for 14. Good choice.

After a couple of more back and forths and the Knicks lose by 5 at home. A game they need to win.

And I am having the time of my life. Hey at least they are watchable.

Record 2-4. Cavaliers not sweating.

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