Theo Epstein: Rainmaker


By Jack Drapkin

For the second time in his career Theo Epstein has ended a curse and brought a championship to a team that hadn’t won one in at least 86 years.  Theo’s first team, the 2004 Red Sox team, had a special energy and had to do something unprecedented (and still yet to be repeated) in coming back from a 3-0 hole in the ALCS. Sorry Yankees fans; this has to be brought up.

It just felt like the Cubs had to do something similar to lift the curse from their franchise as well and coming back from a 3-1 hole in the World Series is sure the way to go about it.

Theo and his staff won this World Series, including former Red Sox executive Jed Hoyer, years ago. The amount of young talent that they acquired via the draft with Kris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber and trade with Jake Arrieta, Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell is staggering. Including other young talents such as Javier Baez (drafted prior to Theo), Wilson Contreras and Kyle Hendricks this is a team that is clearly built to stay. With a pitching staff anchored at the top by Jon Lester to go along with Arrieta and Hendricks there is no reason that this team cannot be back here at the end of next season.

That is the genius that is Theo, he didn’t take any shortcuts while building this roster, heck he barely used free agency until the Jon Lester signing. Yes, there is a decent chance that Aroldis Chapman accepts a big payday elsewhere but does anyone really doubt that Theo has a plan in mind to replace him. Soak it up Cubs fans, you deserve it, and for the rest of the league be afraid because Theo has the Cubs ready to stay.

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