Rockets Blow by Knicks in the Garden


By John Scott

Well you got to hand it to the NL Knicks…both teams played the night before but the Knicks are in the comfort of being at home and manage to be down by 20 at half.  Really, really??? The good year tire Melo, managed to just keep hoisting up shot after shot and all he can manage to do is push on D.  And Brandon “the whiner” Jennings. Really takes a lot to stand out as a whiner in this league. Defense…Defense…there I go again reverting to the championship days. Well at least in the third quarter the Knicks managed to…let the lead get bigger!  Really the only thing more bloated than Not So Melo is his salary.  There really isn’t much to say about the Knicks so let’s talk about their announcers.  Thank Goodness for Clyde…he is the only one willing to occasionally call it the way we are seeing it.  Fans booing already and it is only Game four.  Really the summary of how the NL Knicks are doing comes after Game ten.  Lead just expanded to 25.  Defense seems to be like a cold.  Just don’t want to catch it.  This again happening against a team that is expected to finish in the last playoff spot.  So again this is a game they should win but instead here they are at home down by 23 -cut it by 2 – with just under 6 minutes to go. And the surge in defense brings the final score to  under 20…19 to be exact. 1-3…going to be hard to catch the Cavaliers.

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