Knicks Struggle on the Road Against Pistons


By John Scott

The NL (New Look) Knicks had their chances.   But let’s break it down…  Without one of their stars – Reggie Jackson –  this is a game the Knicks need to steal.  No D Knicks throughout the game. I get it that Noah is not there for O but 2 points? Really an entire 2 points?  Plumlee could get 2 points.  Come to think of it 2 points with 70 million less dollars. Where is Plumlee?    Looking for something good…Kyle O’Quinn’s 4 blocks.  That was the only D all night. The NL  Knicks did not manage a single field goal in the final 5:32. There are many things I got done in the final 5:32.  But game on the line and NL Knicks managed 10 fourth quarter points.  They drop to 1-2… not going to make it to the first round versus the Cavaliers.   And just one more point…. is there any sport other than maybe soccer where every play comes with a “Come on ref”.  Did an NBA player ever commit a foul?  No wonder the Knicks can’t play D, the NL means they are always looking at the refs.    And what happened to KP?   Please Jeff keep him on the court.  Oh well tomorrow night its the Rockets who lost to the Cavaliers by just 8.   Come on Knicks back to my predicted .500!

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