Knicks’ First Home Stand, Right Where We Expected Them

By John Scott

Ok …back to New York for the home opener. Knicks v. Grizzlies…a team that the Knicks must beat if they are to make the playoffs and face the Cavaliers in the first round. Yes I am sticking with it. Knicks make the playoffs and face Cleveland. Finish 41 and 41. Grizzlies are a pretty good match up for the Knicks as they are predicted to finish at the bottom of the hunt for the Western Conference playoff race. If home versus the Grizzlies, Knicks must win. And win they did. Despite Carmelo, ” I never make anyone around me better” shooting 5 for 15 and Noah logging an impressive 22 minutes, sports writers were quick to say the Knicks won thanks to impressive moments from the newbies. The key word is moments. Moments have to be stretched into halves or games. What was impressive was 24 assists. Bradley to Debusshere to Frazier…wait that was 40 years ago! What wasn’t impressive was 64% from the foul line. So the Knicks played one on one ……sorry I meant the Knicks are one and one after two games. They are precisely where I see them …a .500 team.

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