New Faces, Same Old Knicks

By John Scott

I have seen the future and it is as bad as I thought.  A 30-point loss in the opening game to the league champions.  An amazing effort from this “New Look” Knicks may very well have the Knicks playing this same Cavalier team in the first round of the playoffs.  Yikes. Oh Phil, what were you thinking.  Even the “win at all costs” Yankees said enough and decided to try and rebuild with youth.  What a concept!  $72 million dollars later or was that just for a FOUR year deal to obtain the ever injured Noah who was of no help tonight when he did play.

Many of the prognosticators do not even have the Knicks making the playoffs.  Phil what were you thinking?  Rose has been distracted all offseason.  Noah’s biggest statement came when he refused to eat with the team when they practiced at the US military Academy.  Then there is Carmelo “I never made anyone around me better” Anthony.  What were you thinking Phil?  You had a player to build a team around – Kristaps Porzingas – and you have the upcoming draft that is full of excellent choices.   Why not take the gobs of money you spent and package it with trading Carmelo and obtain either young uninjured talent or lots of 2017 draft picks.  The only thing more fragile than the health of the players you acquired was your ego.  Phil, what were you thinking?

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